Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot talks streaming and label rows


Def Leppard recently made their entire back catalogue available to download and stream for the first time. Frontman Joe Elliott has been talking to Music Ally about the long-awaited debut, as well as some of the rows that kept the band’s most famous albums off digital services until now.

“When our record deal with Universal lapsed in 2009, there was no digital part of the deal. That’s because there was no digital in 1979 when we signed it. That had to be negotiated,” he said. “So you just leave the grown-ups in one room to deal with all of that stuff. That didn’t work out originally because the people in Universal at the time and us just couldn’t meet in the middle.”

Elliott praised the current team working with the band at Universal Music, and said the band had watched the development of streaming with interest over recent years. Elliott also praised the merits of bands being more independent.

“If the bean counters don’t see profit on the first album, there might not be a second album. That’s sad. That’s really f***ing sad. But if people are smart, they will make their own records,” he said. “They will borrow the money from their parents or from a bank manager. They’ll find some Svengali or they’ll make the album on a laptop for 10 grand. It’s doable…”

Music Ally

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