Dubset debuts three more DJ mixes on Apple Music


Mix-licensing startup Dubset Media Holdings has announced its three latest pieces of content, which appear to be exclusive to Apple Music. At least it’s getting first dibs on the DJ mixes by Steve AokiSigala and DJ Suss One, which have been released on Apple’s streaming service this week. Dubset says it’s part of a deal to deliver “hundreds” of DJ mixes to Apple Music, as its catalogue of licensed tracks swells to “millions” of recordings from major and independent labels.

“Our technology is opening new avenues of revenue for rights holders, artists and DJs, and allows fans around the world to not only listen but to create and distribute new mixed and remixed content in a legal way,” said CEO Stephen White.

Dubset originally announced its Apple partnership in March 2016. Its main competition was fellow US startup Metapop, which was founded by former Beatport CEO Matthew Adell. That company licensed more than 20k bootleg remixes and built a catalogue of 200k licensed tracks before being acquired by Native Instruments in March 2017. Dubset’s own pipeline appears to be getting up to speed now.

Written by: Music Ally