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British artificial-intelligence music/tech startup AI Music is raising £5m of funding, as it prepares to launch its first product. The company has developed technology capable of “shapeshifting” songs, using AI to remix tracks on the fly.

“We’re raising £5m, and we have a lead investor that’s happy to take the whole thing,” said CEO Siavash Mahdavi as he pitched at the Abbey Road Red incubator’s demo event in London. “We want more of a rounded round, so we’re going to open up about 30% to anyone else who’s interested. We’re looking to close in the next couple of months.”

Mahdavi’s presentation was punctuated by different remixes of the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’ created by the company’s software.

“How can we use artificial intelligence to enhance the value of a song?” said Mahdavi. “Could shapeshifting music enable easier interaction between a vocalist and a producer? Could hyper-customising a track increase engagement between an artist and a fan? Could we leverage AI to make a song fit a brief more easily?”

Mahdavi stressed that AI Music has been carefully researching the copyright and licensing implications of its technology, while also working with grassroots musicians to get their input.

The company’s first app enables people to mix and match vocal and instrumental tracks by swiping left and right, although it’s a demonstration of the technology rather than its ultimate incarnation.

“Music is written by humans but [can be] augmented or enhanced using artificial intelligence,” said Mahdavi. “By shapeshifting music, you can extend its copyright.”

You can find out more about AI Music’s ambitions by reading our profile of the company from last August.

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