Nelson lets people play with Spotify recommendation engine


Nelson: not just the chap whose statue stands on a column in Trafalgar Square seething at pigeons. Nelson is also the name of a “friendly in-browser Spotify jukebox” that’s gone live this week.

Using Spotify’s recommendations API and web playback SDK, it’s a nifty way to play with Spotify’s recommendations engine. After logging in with a premium account, you can set it to major or minor mode, choose from a list of genres, before using slider bars to set audio characteristics including popularity, tempo, energy, acousticness, danceability, liveness and instrumentalness (yes, that’s now a word).

Which is why this morning’s Music Ally Bulletin-writing has been soundtracked by a French, gospel, psych-rock samba disco playlist (er… Rick James, KC & The Sunshine Band, Chaka Khan, Rose Royce and Chic).

It’s not likely to become many people’s main window in to Spotify, of course, but it’s more than just a novelty too: a chance to peer under the hood of Spotify’s recommendations, and to explore some of the quirks. Now excuse us, we have a Swedish post-dubstep workout playlist to listen to (er… Jessie J, Train and Calvin Harris).

Stuart Dredge

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