Chamillionaire launches Convoz video-messaging app


Having conversations through the medium of 15-second video clips, which may or may not include ending up getting a video back from Snoop Dogg and/or Chamillionaire? There’s an app for that!

It’s called Convoz, and the latter artist is actually its founder. Chamillionaire describes the app as “the place where you go to talk to people” as an alternative to platforms like Twitter.

“I just wasn’t happy with the communication channels that are currently existing on social media,” he told TechCrunch. There’s a sensible hope behind this: that people are less likely to be trolls if they’re addressing celebrities in a video showing their face.

It’s not just about chatting to Snoop and co though: the hope is that Convoz users will start their own video conversations and elicit responses – so if the app takes off, it might create its own community of influencers in the same way that Vine and did.

As with any app, ‘if it takes off’ is a very big if, as is finding a sustainable business model for the long term. Much will depend on how long Convoz’ clutch of celebs stay interested.

Stuart Dredge

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