Like app resembles but with more AR features – and ‘BOOM’ effects


We can’t resist an app pitch that includes the phrase “revolutionary 4D magic coming” with a man in a cape flying out of a smartphone screen.

The app is called Like, and it’s the latest social music/video app that is showing the first shoots of becoming a craze. At its heart it’s still a lip-syncing video app, but with more digital special-effects to apply to videos before sharing them with the world.

“There are so many fun ways to play: space shift, magic body, micro world, giant attack and more,” as its App Store listing explains. “From fantasy magic effects, romantic Cupid’s arrows to thrilling explosions, 12 kinds of super power ‘BOOM’ effects are here to make your video to Hollywood Blockbuster!”

That’s plenty of super-power ‘BOOM’ effects, eh?

Like, Like is trying to create its own community within which videos are shared, as well as pushing them out to other social networks. It’s currently the 47th top free iPhone app in the US App Store – which means decent downloads – but let’s see whether it can sustain its popularity (let alone how it handles the whole ‘music licensing’ issue).

Stuart Dredge

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