MelodyVR to launch alongside new standalone VR headsets


Music virtual-reality startup MelodyVR has been in closed beta since the end of 2016, holding its plans for a commercial launch until it judges the market is ready. The company has just reiterated that this will be in 2018.

“MelodyVR is well positioned for a successful public launch of its VR music platform in 2018,” the firm announced in an update for investors this morning.

“In order to secure a greater impact at launch, the Company intend to launch its music service to consumers alongside the new wave of standalone and accessible VR devices, leveraging its partner’s significant marketing capabilities alongside in-house marketing strategies.”

Those hardware partners include Facebook, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft, with the ‘standalone and accessible’ headsets referred to including the Oculus Go, Vive Focus and a range of ‘Daydream Standalone VR’ headsets supported by Google.

“Since the launch of our closed beta, our engineering, design and post-production teams have significantly improved our consumer offering, adding more original content and refining both the user experience and interface ahead of our public launch,” added MelodyVR.

“As we move closer to launch, our shareholders will note increased PR activity, including both press and social media activations and can expect further updates regarding our precise timings and launch territories to follow.”

MelodyVR ended 2017 with £12.4m of cash to continue its ambitions.

Stuart Dredge

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