Consumer Reports publishes initial HomePod comparison tests


The initial wave of reviews in the press about Apple’s HomePod smart speaker have been very positive about its hardware – specifically its audio quality. Now Consumer Reports has published some ‘early results’ of its comparative tests pitting the device against rivals.

“Apple’s speaker does deliver very good audio performance, though it’s not the best-sounding wireless speaker in our ratings—or even the best-sounding smart speaker,” is their initial verdict.

The key here is that Consumer Reports isn’t comparing the HomePod to the original Amazon Echo or Google Home, both of which impressed more with their smarts than with their audio quality. Instead, it pits the HomePod against the Sonos One and Google Home Max.

“The Apple HomePod’s Very Good sound quality rating puts it well ahead of the early generation of smart speakers. But the Sonos One and the Google Home Max also received Very Good ratings—and their sound quality scores were slightly higher,” it claims.

“Full test results for these speakers, which also incorporate factors such as ease of use and versatility, will be released in the next few weeks.”

Stuart Dredge

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