Survey claims early satisfaction with smart speakers is high


89% of Americans who’ve bought a smart speaker so far are satisfied with their device, according to a new survey published by investment firm Loup Ventures.

“A closer look at the results reveals the reason for this high satisfaction; early use cases are simple (Music, weather, general questions),” wrote analyst Gene Munster. “While questions remain simple today, we expect what users demand from their smart speakers to become more complex.”

The survey also updated Loup’s stats on smart-speaker ownership in the US, with 31% of respondents saying they own at least one of these devices, with Amazon’s Echo range taking a 55% share of those owned devices.

Google Home speakers have a 23% share according to this study, with devices powered by Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant on 15%, and Apple’s HomePod on 3%. Bear in mind this survey will have been conducted literally just after the HomePod went on sale.

Music is the most popular use for a smart speaker: around 38% of owners cited it as one of their uses for the device. Actually lower than we’d have thought, but ahead of weather (around 33%) and general questions (just over 30%).

Stuart Dredge

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