YouTube adds new features for live-video broadcasters


The live-video competition between YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other platforms is spurring rapid development of new features for broadcasters of all kinds – musicians included.

YouTube unveiled its latest additions yesterday. They include ‘chat replay’ to follow the live (text) comments around livestreams when watched after the event; automatic English-language captioning for livestreams; and the ability to add a location tag to livestreams broadcast from a mobile device.

More quirkily, there’s the ability for broadcasters to use YouTube’s ‘Super Chat’ feature – highlighted messages that fans can buy to stand out in the live chat-rooms – to trigger events in the real world around broadcasters.

“Over 600 internet-connected services and devices (like lights, pet feeders and confetti cannons!) can be connected to Super Chat,” explained YouTube. There may be some fun things to be done here by musicians broadcasting performances live on YouTube, with fans (who are paying them, remember) able to have a physical impact on their location.

Stuart Dredge

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