Non-musical content key to UMG and WMG’s latest moves


Two separate announcements from major labels Universal Music and Warner Music shed some light on how they’re tackling content around the music of their artists.

UMG has appointed Celine Joshua to a new position as general manager, commercial, content and artist strategy. Her role will include heading a new label called ’10:22 pm’ focused on “signing and developing recording artists, social media influencers and digital media creators with a focus on creating multimedia content and advancing new forms of storytelling”.

“We have only begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible on digital platforms in terms of building the artist fanbase, delivering content for a digital-first audience and driving new sources of revenue,” said Joshua, who’ll report directly in to UMG boss Sir Lucian Grainge.

Meanwhile, WMG’s Atlantic Records is launching its own podcast division, complete with an in-house studio in New York. Its first series is called ‘What’d I Say’, a collection of interviews with Atlantic artists, with other series ‘Inside the Album’ and ‘Respect: Women of Atlantic’ to come.

“As I discovered doing my own podcasts, they are an incredibly powerful way of feeding fans’ hunger for intimate knowledge of the artists they love, while also connecting them to new voices,” said VP Tom Mullen, who’s in charge of the new division.

From Spotify bumping podcasts up its priority list to the easy availability of this content through smart speakers, it’s a sensible time for a label to be focusing more effort on this content category.

Stuart Dredge

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