Die Fantastischen Vier launch an augmented-reality video app


German hip-hop group Die Fantastischen Vier is the latest example of an artist exploring the potential of augmented reality (AR) technology.

The band have launched a free iPhone app called Tunnel AR, which is an interactive music video for their recent single ‘Tunnel’. The app enables fans to project the video onto a nearby table, floor or other flat surface, then share the footage with the wider world via social networks.

“Accompanying the lyrics, a drill bit made of Die Fantastischen Vier’s heads, shatters through four spectacular layers. Afterwards the drill bit pushes forward into space, circles the earth, flies past comets and planets, and eventually re-enters the orbit and returns back to the surface,” explains its App Store listing.

Possibly the first time drill bits have got a mention on Music Ally in our 15-year history…

Fans get to steer the drill bit, and if they do well enough, they’ll earn a remix of the song to download. It’s all building buzz for the band’s next album, which comes out in April.

Stuart Dredge

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