Clickamix sees $670m opportunity in sports music-licensing


A $670m pot of music-licensing revenue that hasn’t been tapped? That’s the kind of claim that gets rightsholders’ interest, although there’s a natural scepticism too when the goldmine is being quantified by a company whose business is focused on tapping that revenue stream.

Still, Clickamix is definitely worth investigating: it wants to work with publishers, artist managers and industry bodies to pre-clear music mixes for use in competitive sports.

Cheerleading is its first area of focus, and before sporting snobs snort, it’s been provisionally recognised as an Olympic sport, and could be part of the 2020 games in Tokyo.

Clickamix wants to license commercial music to cheerleading squads, and says it already has deals with 60 rightsholders to make 5,000 tracks available through its service.

The company also claims that 95% of ‘sports mixes’ used in competitions are unlicensed, citing gymnastics, synchronised swimming and figure skating as other examples. Hence the $670m figure.

“The aim is to ensure a fair and transparent and above all legally compliant model, that ensures rightsholders and artists are rightfully getting paid,” says CEO Chantal Epps, who knows the market, having launched sports-mix production company Synergy Sounds; worked as head of business development at CueSongs; and been a world-champion cheerleader.

Stuart Dredge

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