Spinnin’ Records rebrands playlists with smart-speakers in mind


Fresh from being acquired by Sony Music, dance label Spinnin’ Records is experimenting with its streaming playlists – with a particular focus on how they’re accessed through smart speakers.

“While curated music content is becoming the norm, voice-recognition is rapidly changing the digital landscape. According to Google, about 20 percent of all mobile search queries are done using voice commands which will grow to 50 percent within the next two years,” explained a blog post from the label.

“With the refreshed branding, Spinnin’ Records aims to create specific, top-of-mind branded keywords that can work as anchor points while asking a voice enabled product which music to play.”

So, Spinnin’ has rebranded its Spinnin’ Records Top 100 playlist as Hundred, which will sit alongside other rebranded playlists like Brand New (new tracks), Fit (workout tracks) and Pixel (aimed at gamers).

There’s a useful follow-up blog post from former WMG exec Kieron Donoghue with some criticism of the strategy though.

He reports trouble getting Alexa to identify two of the playlists (Hundred and Fit) and suggests that the titles are “too generic… If I was rebranding playlists for voice activation I would make the playlist names as unique as possible. Like Spotify’s Rap Caviar or Bassline Bangers, that way there’s no room for confusion”.

Written by: Stuart Dredge