Speculation grows about revamp of Spotify’s free tier


We’ve already reported on Spotify’s upcoming press event on 24 April, and speculation that it will herald the launch of its first hardware product: an in-car smart speaker.

Now there are more rumours: that “within a couple of weeks” Spotify will announce a revamped version of its free tier on mobile. If true, the 24 April event would seem like a logical place to announce that too.

Bloomberg published the story: “The company is tweaking the free service to make it easier to use, especially for customers on mobile phones,” it claimed.

“Free mobile listeners will be able to access playlists more quickly and have more control over what songs they hear on top playlists, mimicking Spotify’s ad-free subscription product.”

If this sounds familiar, you may be remembering Music Ally’s story in February, when we reported on a test spotted in the UK of some changes to Spotify’s free tier on mobile.

It offered “750 on-demand tracks in 15 constantly changing playlists” in the words of one test-listener who contacted us at the time. “Playlists with blue shuffle symbol are still subject to shuffle restriction, but Spotify makes available a lot of its own curated playlists on a fully on-demand basis.”

Spotify has also been testing a standalone app called Stations in Australia, focusing on its radio-style stations feature.

Stuart Dredge

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