The 20 hottest music tech startups of 2018 (according to Midemlab)


Midemlab has become one of the most well-established features of the annual Midem conference in Cannes, providing a forum for music/tech startups to pitch their wares to an industry audience.

This year’s crop of finalists has been announced this afternoon, with 20 startups selected for this year’s competition, across four categories.

Disclosure: Music Ally was one of three partners helping to choose the finalists from the 234 companies that submitted entries for the competition – up 68% on last year’s submissions. The other two partners are investment firm Kima Ventures and consultancy bluenove.

This year’s finalists are (with Midem’s boilerplate text for each):

Music Creation & Education category

AIVA (France) – Artificial intelligence composing the music of the future.
MXX (UK) – World’s first AI engine which atomises and re-constructs stereo music.
Skoove (Germany) – A music learning platform offering highly interactive online piano lessons.
Taplyrica (UK) – Teach languages through the memorable power of music.
Voice Magix (Spain) – A solution to automate synchronisation between lyrics and recorded singing voice.

Music Discovery & Distribution category

Boreas (USA) – Broadcasting and discovery platform for emerging musicians which mimics natural selection.
Laylo (USA) – Fans compete to find music first and spread it around the world.
LICKD (UK) – Commercial music licencing for social video.
Listen! (France) – The app for personalised and global musical curation.
Louise (France) – Music sharing application live with your friends.

Marketing & Data/Analytics category

Asaii (USA) – Uses machine-learning software to identify what the next big hits will be in the music industry
Gigz (France) – The personalised recommendation of all your geolocated and real-time cultural outings
Muso.AI (USA) – The LinkedIn for music
NumberEight (UK) – Predicting user-context through sensors and artificial intelligence
Seated (USA) – Empowers artists to take control of their ticketing experience.

Experiential Technologies category (VR/AR, high-res music, Internet of Things and hardware)

Enhancia (France) – Neova, the MIDI Ring controller to allow artists to express their creativity.
Flexound (Finland) – Let your skin do the listening.
Jooki (Belgium) – The smart music player for families.
Landmrk (UK) – The Pokémon GO for branded content.
WowTune (Hong Kong) – VR voice- and song-selfies.

Last year’s Midemlab contest was won by HumOn, Truelinked, Soundcharts and Vinci. You can read our coverage of that contest, including links to the individual pitch sessions by clicking or tapping here.

Stuart Dredge

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