Apple Music’s 50m milestone includes subscribers and trials


Just a month after Apple Music revealed it had 40 million paying subscribers, there’s a ’50 million’ milestone plastered over the tech-news sites.

This isn’t the most startling growth the music-streaming world has ever seen however: CEO Tim Cook revealed the figure in an interview with Bloomberg, making it clear that the 50 million Apple Music listeners include paying subscribers and free trials.

This builds on the milestone from a month ago, when Apple said it had eight million people in trials in addition to the 40 million paying customers. The news here, then, is that Apple Music has added two million net new listeners in the last month, with the balance between converted subscribers and new trials unclear.

It’s interesting that Apple has begun giving out combined figures, having focused on paid-subscriber totals for most of its history. That at least offers a direct comparison with Spotify, whose latest stats are 75 million paying subscribers, and 170 million active users overall.

Understanding more about the dynamics of both services’ funnels – Apple’s trial conversions and Spotify’s upsells from its free tier (including the impact of its three-month promo deals) – is of prime importance to the music industry in 2018.

Stuart Dredge

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