Facebook leak suggests plans for influencer-marketing tool


Any brand – labels included – trying to work out who to enlist for an influencer-marketing campaign is spoiled for choice when it comes to online-dashboards categorising and ranking influencers.

Facebook may be preparing to launch its own tool to help marketers figure out which online stars are worth signing up. According to TechCrunch, it’s called the ‘Branded Content Matching’ search engine, and will help brands choose the audience they want to reach, browse a selection of influencers matching that, and then contact them to talk partnerships (and, of course, money).

“Facebook wants to help businesses find creators who can reach their target audience in an authentic way, while allowing creators a path to monetising their Facebook content and fan base,” is how the report describes the motivation at play here, while stressing that Facebook won’t take a cut of any deals.

“Creators opt in to participating in the test and set up a portfolio showcasing their audience size and metrics plus their best branded content. Facebook is starting the program primarily with a set of lifestyle brands and creators.”

Stuart Dredge

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