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Having been digital holdouts for years, Def Leppard have taken to online with gusto in recent months. It’s the live arena where their next digital dalliance is happening, in part to promote the anniversary tour around 1987’s blockbusting ‘Hysteria’ album, but also to drive up the band’s total streams.

The Def Leppard Tour Book is an interactive online map that links to a user’s Spotify account (something that was unimaginable even half a year ago).

Each city on the world tour contains a song from the band’s back catalogue, where clicking on the related plectrum on the map and listening to the full song will unlock an “exclusive digital laminate and photo from the band”.

You can only click on a city once the tour has been there and you also must listen to at least 30 seconds of the linked track in order to claim the digital plectrum – which is, by sheer coincidence, the minimum amount of play time needed on Spotify to quality for a royalty micropayment.

Fans are encouraged to keep collecting them as the tour progresses and we presume there is some incentive to collect them all, possibly with prizes for the most dedicated collectors.

But as a way to tie a tour back to streaming, this is a simple but highly effective move – not just to boost streams of the hits, but also to shine a light on the more esoteric or overlooked songs at the end of the long tail of their catalogue.

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