If you are in Europe, by now, you’ll have had to wade through a billion (approx.) emails about what GDPR means for you. Or else you’ll have been the person sending out emails on behalf of your company about what GDPR means for you and those on your databases. Now, however, we can start to piece together what the net effect has been.

Digiday has a feature that says Google and Facebook’s moves to become compliant with GDPR means that marketers are now scrambling around in the dark somewhat, unsure as to where their ads need to be targeted and how to even measure their effectiveness.

“Not only can marketers and agencies no longer track whether an ad reached someone on Google, but not on Facebook, and vice versa, the changes also complicate the ability to see if their ads are being seen by new audiences or people who have already seen the ads on another platform,” argues the piece. The solution, in the short term, seems to be companies and marketers having to lean on third-party measurement firms.

One marketer quoted in the piece even suggested that the net result is campaigns will have to be tailored for each platform used or else everything will be thrown at one platform above all else. These may be rebirthing pains, but it appears much of what marketers took for granted in terms of campaign reach and effectiveness is turning into a digital dodo.

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