Dance star Marshmello doubles down on gaming with new show


For a man with a bucket on his head, dance star Marshmello isn’t half bad at playing games. As we reported earlier this month, he won a pro-amateur Fortnite tournament at the E3 show, after teaming up with online-video star Ninja.

Now the pair are reuniting for a new project: Marshmello’s new ‘Gaming with Marshmello’ series, which will make its debut on YouTube this Friday (29 June). The show will see the artist inviting friends from the game-streaming community into his ‘Mello Cave’ to play games suggested by fans.

Ninja appears in the trailer, which is produced by agency MGX Creative. Marshmello has form with this kind of format, mind: his 35 ‘Cooking With Marshmello’ episodes have been watched nearly 4m times on YouTube at the time of writing.

And as we’ve said before: the huge, youthful audiences of Ninja and other gamers on YouTube and Twitch are a good audience for musicians to be getting in front of in 2018.

Stuart Dredge

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