Research firm claims Spotify is tops for millennial ratio


Research firm Verto Analytics has put out some new figures, comparing several music-streaming services on the percentage of their listeners that are ‘millennials’ (which in this definition is 18-35 year-olds).

Spotify tops the list: Verto claims that 51.5% of its users fall into the millennial bracket, compared to 38% for Apple Music, 35% for SoundCloud, and 24% for Pandora. One caveat, based on past Verto Analytics announcements, is that it’s unclear whether it’s measuring Apple Music the streaming service, or Apple’s ‘Music’ app that can be used to listen to downloads by non-subscribers.

Spotify has provided its own figures on its millennial users in the past though: in April 2016 it revealed that 72% of its US weekly streams (note: not users) were by millennials, while its Spotify for Brands site claims that 68% of millennials’ streams happen on mobile, and also that they “love listening to music that feels cool”. Find your nearest grumpy Generation X-er to discuss whether it’s actually cool, of course…

Stuart Dredge

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