Tonara 360 takes a new spin on music-education subscriptions


Tonara is one of the companies trying to shake up the way people learn to play music, with an app that promises to make learning piano, violin, clarinet and other instruments fun.

It already offers a $9.99-a-month subscription to get access to its entire catalogue of sheet-music, with publishers including Sony/ATV, Universal Music and Warner/Chappell among its partners.

Now Tonara is trying something new: another subscription tier called Tonara 360 aimed at music students and teachers alike. It offers more AI-driven feedback and personalisation to people in between their music lessons from human teachers.

Meanwhile, those teachers can also use Tonara 360, with a dashboard to manage students and communicate with them, as well as monitoring their progress and (soon) collecting payment for lessons. Tonara 360 costs $39 a month for students, with $20 going to their teacher, and $19 to Tonara.

It’s the latest example of what’s happening around digital sheet-music and education, where apps are developing subscription models with – in comparison to consumer-streaming at least – extremely premium pricing.

Stuart Dredge

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