Can you make firm predictions about a technology company’s future products from its patents? It’s a speculative business, but one of Facebook’s latest patents does hold out some interesting possibilities for music.

The patent is for a technology providing a ‘real-time script for live broadcast’ on Facebook. Essentially, it’s about livestreams with scripts, with speech-recognition technology analysing what the broadcaster is saying, and showing them the next line of the script accordingly.

Good for livestreamers who need a bit of teleprompting, but you may have spotted the music potential too. “In particular embodiments, the broadcasting user may desire to view a pre-composed script in making the vocal expressions, which may remind the user about, for example, the language to use for a speech or the lyrics of a song,” explains the patent.

Facebook-fuelled karaoke, anyone? If the necessary licensing can be put in place, that could be an interesting addition to the social network’s UGC-music capabilities.

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