Report claims Spotify and Apple Music each have 20m US subs


Gossip has been bubbling for a while about Apple Music potentially overtaking Spotify in the US for its number of subscribers. Now Digital Music News is claiming that the moment has come.

This is based on a single source: “A US-based, major distributor” who suggests that both Spotify and Apple Music have more than 20 million US subscribers, with Apple “now a hair ahead” in the report’s words. The figures do not include trial users.

The claims build on a report in the Wall Street Journal this February, which suggested that Apple Music’s US subscriber base was growing at 5% a month compared to 2% for Spotify.

It also provides some useful context for Apple Music’s ability to outgun Spotify in the stream-counts for certain new albums – Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ most recently, which (globally) did 170m first-day streams on Apple Music and at least 132.4m on Spotify.

The latter company is due to announce its next quarterly financial results on 26 July: if analysts are sharp, they’ll be asking its management about those respective US growth rates, and how Spotify is planning to keep pace with Apple Music in the months ahead.

Stuart Dredge

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