Drake ‘Scorpion’ album does more than 1bn first-week streams


This is where we’re at in the evolution of music-streaming: a single album has been streamed more than 1bn times in its first week after release.

That album, of course, is Drake’s ‘Scorpion’, with label Republic Records having confirmed the figure to The Verge, as well as the artist himself having posted about it. “New era. New platinum. Thank you a billion times over (a billion plus),” wrote Drake on Instagram.

These are global figures, but it has also become clear how large a role the US played in the first-week success of his new album: according to Billboard, ‘Scorpion’ did 745.9m streams in the US last week – nearly three quarters of the total.

In other Drake news, he appears to have pulled a bit of a Kanye already, updating the album after it was released. Not (yet) with new tracks, but an eagle-eyed (or eagle-eared – do eagles have good ears?) fan on Reddit spotted some tweaks to the album’s ‘noise floor’ as well as other mix changes.

Plus, this being 2018, there’s already a social dance challenge going viral around the album: Mashable notes that the track ‘In My Feelings’ has sparked a wave of fan-videos around the hashtags #InMyFeelingsChallenge and #DoTheShiggy (the latter because online comedy show The Shiggy Show appears to have started it).

We’ll await a footballer busting out the moves in a goal celebration in this week’s World Cup semi-finals before officially anointing it a trend, though…

Stuart Dredge

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