BPI/ERA publish new report on big data and the music industry


British industry bodies the BPI and ERA have published a new joint report: Magic Numbers: How Can Data and Analytics Really Help the Music Industry? 

The report was authored by Music Ally’s Eamonn Forde, and explores how improved understanding of the way fans discover, play and share songs and albums in the streaming era increasingly shapes how music is produced and promoted. You can get the free report via the link above. The report was launched at an event last night in London, with a panel of industry figures giving their views on the changing role of data, and what it means for labels, artists and DSPs alike.

Holly Manners, A&R at Warner Bros Records, criticised the frequent portrayal of ‘gut vs data’ in the A&R process. “It drives me completely crazy when people talk about this ‘versus’ thing. It is the idea that you always use different things to enhance the decisions that you make in A&R – it has always been there. We have always used data. It just came across to us in different forms,” she said, with a caveat. “Data will tell you what’s hot but not what is good… A&R is all about how good your networking is, how well you’re doing at your job and who is giving you the past tips. Your data platform is just another one of those things. It is not a direct replacement for any of those other things. It’s like another great person.”

Read our full report of the event, which also included speakers from PIAS, Blockpool, the Official Charts Company and Vistex.

Stuart Dredge

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