Blink Identity raises $1.5m from Live Nation and others


Austin-based startup Blink Identity has raised a $1.5m seed-funding round from investors including Live Nation, Techstars and Sinai Ventures. The company was part of this year’s cohort of Techstars Music startups.

Its focus is on ‘facial recognition at scale’ with an emphasis currently on live events: identifying people as they walk past its scanners, for example to check that they have bought tickets without having to slow down the queue with a manual-checking process.

Blink Identity says it’s also working with Live Nation to “leverage early pilot programs in a variety of venues”, following its participation in Techstars Music. “Blink Identity has created a fast, accurate and user-first identity service for live entertainment venues, solving the bottleneck problem and creating a preferential experience for consumers and venue owners alike,” said Jordan Fudge of Sinai Ventures, which led the seed-funding round. “We believe that this technology is widely applicable.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge