Amanda Palmer has raised nearly $1.6m so far on Patreon


A story about Amanda Palmer crowdfunding leading the Music Ally Bulletin? Today’s email is brought to you by 2012… But no: Palmer continues to be one of the most successful crowdfunders in the music world, but nowadays she’s operating on fan-funding platform Patreon rather than Kickstarter.

We’ve reported before on Palmer’s Patreon community: she has 11,115 patrons at the time of writing, paying between $1 and $1,000 per ‘thing’ that she creates, be it a new song, a piece of physical art, a blog post or something else. Three years after joining Patreon, Palmer has raised a total of $1.58m according to figures shared with Billboard by her team.

“The Patreon shows this isn’t a fluke, this isn’t just a sexy fad of internet culture. When I look at the amount of money we are dealing with in a single month, and it’s not all profit, but it blows my mind,” said creative project manager Hayley Rosenblum in the piece. “I have found it so bewildering bands feel all this shame around crowdfunding, this system is punk as f**k,” added Palmer.

In terms of the wider music industry, Patreon remains a niche: musicians are a relatively small part of its community of 100,000 creators. However, the growth of the platform remains worth following: it has more than two million fans funding those creators, and expects to pay out $300m to the latter this year alone – compared to $350m in the previous five years combined.

Stuart Dredge

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