Here’s a new spin on merchandise, from a Lagos / LA-based startup called MerchSubs that popped up on our feed of new companies on investment site AngelList. “MerchSubs is a subscription platform that helps bands/artists offer merch as a subscription box. We make creating and managing subscription as easy as posting on Facebook,” claims its profile.

The company’s website offers a longer pitch to artists. “With subscription, your merch buyers become subscribers and you won’t have to worry about repeat purchases anymore,” it claims. “With subscription, you don’t have to worry about the upfront capital for buying inventory. They subscribe, you order and deliver.”

The odd typo suggests that it’s very early days for this service, and there’s an argument that artists could do this sort of thing for themselves if they really wanted to – the value of a middleman platform will depend on the cut that MerchSubs takes, and the other details of its platform.

Still, regardless of whether this particular startup can make the model work, the idea of merch subscriptions itself may be worth further experimentation.

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