Twitch launches Creator Camp to teach livestreaming skills


Amazon’s live-video platform Twitch wants to help people build audiences on their channels. It has just launched a site called Twitch Creator Camp, taking a leaf out of YouTube’s playbook (or, indeed, its actual ‘Playbook’ initiative of yore.)

In Twitch’s case, the new site is billed as a place “where streamers can get the information they need to grow and improve their streams, all in one place”.

It’s based on case studies and tips from successful Twitch broadcasters, with plans to hold live sessions with some of them to help those lower down the platform’s food chain.

For now, content on the site includes guides to the basic features of Twitch; its analytics dashboard; social promotion and more. While much of the advice will be specific to this service, some of it will be useful for musicians no matter what their platform of choice is for live broadcasts.

Written by: Stuart Dredge