Snapchat finally wants to connect influencers with brands


Snap, Inc had an arm’s-length policy regarding social stars on Snapchat for a long time, with a strong sense that the company was eager for brands to spend money on its ad units rather than on influencer marketing that it didn’t get a cut of.

However, Snap signified a change of tune recently, and now it’s revealing some of its plans. It’s launching a pilot program called Snapchat Storytellers featuring five influencers, which will involve brokering brand deals for the stars to create ads for the social app’s Stories and Discover features.

There’s a comparison here (of sorts) to Facebook’s recently-announced Brands Collabs tool, which helps brands browse the influencers on its social network when looking for partners.

TechCrunch reports that Snap won’t be taking a cut of the revenues from Snapchat Storytellers: “If advertisers express interest in a creator, Snap will make an introduction, then leave them to work out the deal”. For now it’s pranksters, vloggers and animators who are the focus, but it’s possible when the scheme opens up more widely, musicians will be able to benefit too.

Stuart Dredge

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