Spotify already has a pretty close relationship with Google for integration into its Google Home family of smart speakers. Now the companies are collaborating on one of the most well-used apps on Android devices: its clock app.

“Starting today, you’ll be able to wake up to your favourite music on Spotify with the Google Clock app,” explained Google. The feature works for both free and premium Spotify users, as long as they have the latest versions of Google Clock and Spotify installed on their device.

There’s also something new happening on Spotify itself: a deal with Archie Comics to create a six-episode motion-comics series. “They’re completely tricked out, with voice acting and music to complement the sequential art,” reported Nerdist. “These episodes were made to look especially amazing on mobile devices.” The first episode is already available.

At least Archie should be less controversial than another recent addition to Spotify: far-right polemicist Alex Jones, whose Infowars podcast is available on the streaming service complete with an ‘About’ description (written by Jones rather than Spotify) describing him as a “seasoned radio broadcaster”.

With Facebook and YouTube recently having cracked down on Jones’ content, there have been calls online for Spotify (and Apple, which has Infowars in its own podcasts catalogue) to ban him too. Given the recent hot water that Spotify found itself in with its ‘hateful conduct’ policy, we’re not surprised that the company is thinking hard before deciding what to do with Alex Jones’ content.

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