New Zealand study reveals Spotify overtaking YouTube for music


A new study of entertainment habits for New Zealanders has some interesting findings about the music-streaming landscape there. The survey was conducted by New Zealand On Air, the body that funds audio and visual public-media content in New Zealand, and follows similar studies in 2014 and 2016.

Among the findings: 67% of 15-39 year-olds in New Zealand reported streaming music online in the past day, compared to 47% listening to live radio. The data suggests Spotify has overtaken YouTube as a source for streamed music too: in 2016 Spotify’s daily reach was 14% of respondents compared to YouTube’s 20% – this is for music specifically – but in 2018 that has switched to 23% and 19% respectively. YouTube’s reach as a general online-video service has increased from 35% to 42% over that two years, though.

Overall conclusions: “New Zealanders are rapidly changing the way they listen to music with the daily reach of physical formats halving since 2014 and music streaming nearly doubling,” explains the report. “This change in behaviour is more representative of a direct substitution of one media for another as time spent listening to physical formats is also falling while time spent listening to streamed music continues to grow.”

Stuart Dredge

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