The first time Facebook automatically tagged friends in our photos, we boggled (before muttering suspiciously about privacy settings). Now we’re resigned to a future of ubiquitous facial-recognition technology. Does that include music-streaming?

Dua Lipa is getting in early on that action with the launch of her #DuaMoods website, which is billed as “the ultimate mood playlist generator”. Developed by agency Modern English, the site involves nattering to a Dua Lipa chatbot and uploading a selfie, which is then used as the basis for a “perfect playlist based on facial recognition”.

Apparently Music Ally’s 7am bulletin-writing face indicates “you just DGAF”, which made us a ‘lowkey playlist’ headed by… Dua Lipa’s ’New Rules’ (plus other artists, in fairness – there’s a dash of humour in the chatbot options too: such as when the bot asks ‘How about some happy tunes to go with your mood?’ the two response options are ‘Go for it!’ or ‘Stop plugging your music’).

Modern English worked on the project with Warner Bros Records, having previously created the Foo Fighters’ mixtape-generating campaign in 2017.

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