It’s not vapourware! The Magic Leap One Creator Edition mixed-reality headset is actually shipping this week, with a few restrictions. Not least the price: the headset, computing pack and controller costs a cool $2,295, and is only available for developers (and super-keen early adopters pretending to be developers) in certain cities in the US.

The device isn’t just shipped to these early customers either: it’ll be delivered by Magic Leap for an in-person setup process. Tónandi, the music-manipulation app developed with Icelandic band Sigur Rós, is included with the system, alongside some other “preview experiences” developed by the company.

The Verge has a thoughtful piece based on a hands-on with the technology, and a demo of a stomping dinosaur. “The dinosaur I see through the Magic Leap One looks genuinely three-dimensional, but pieces start getting cut off when I approach it. When a man walks behind it, I can see him slightly. My headset doesn’t account for relative distance, so it’s impossible for someone to walk in front of the dinosaur, no matter how close they are,” wrote its journalist.

“It’s still a fascinating, wonderful illusion — maybe the best I’ve seen in one of these headsets, and far cooler than watching an AR model through an iPhone screen. But it’s not the kind of revolutionary (or downright magical) advance that Magic Leap has teased for years. It’s a better version of a thing I’ve tried before, and that thing is still very much a work in progress.”

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