Cue: “You couldn’t pay me to listen to [artist name here]” jokes. Yesterday, rapper Travis Scott posted on Instagram that he had $100,000 to give away to fans.

To be in with a chance of claiming some of the cash, fans had to respond with their Cash App username and the title of their favourite Travis Scott track. “I KNOW LIFE IS HETIC SO IM GIVING AWAY 100k TO THE FANS. LEAVE UR CASH TAG IN THE COMMENTS W/ UR FAVORITE TRAV SONG,” ran his full message.

Within a couple of hours, there were over 300,000 responses. Some suspected it was a scam and/or bluster, but Epic, his record label, confirmed it is all real. It is not clear how many fans will get a cut of this money, but Twitter posts from Scott suggest he’s handing it out in chunks of $50 – which would mean 2,000 fans will get a little windfall.

It’s not quite “the KLF burn a million pounds” in terms of anti-marketing-slash-situationist-art-prank or “Drake gives away $1m but also makes a video about doing so” in terms of a very public act of munificence, but it’s not to be sniffed at. (Side note: that’s a lot of Cash App admin to send money to 2,000 different accounts, so spare a thought for Scott’s RSI if this if the case.)

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