Every now and again, a service might come along with an offer of “three months for $1 a month (and then back to $9.99)” as a means to hook new users and to hit quarterly growth targets. But Pandora is offering a year of access to Pandora Plus for free in the US.

This is its mid-tier subscription that normally costs $4.99 a month premium for limited functionality rather than Pandora Premium, its full on-demand service that costs $9.99 a month. But there’s a catch. Well, a few catches.

It’s limited to a year; it’s only for people using T-Mobile; and the offer is restricted to one day (between  4:59am ET on 28th August and 4:59am ET on 29th August to be precise). So it’s really a time-limited bundle deal, but offered to all T-Mobile customers rather than as a hook to draw in new customers.

Yesterday we reported on the new eMarketer forecast that claims Pandora will remain the leading music streaming service in the US until 2022, when it will be overtaken (just) by Spotify.

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