Spotify encourages songwriters to get their metadata sorted


The legal clarification comes early in Spotify for Artists’ blog post about metadata: “This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide legal or accounting advice. Those decisions are ultimately yours to make. We’re just here to help.”

With Spotify (and the streaming world more generally) still getting its house in order over publishing licensing in the US, accurate metadata remains a bugbear that needs to be sorted out. Hence the post, which is aimed mainly at songwriters.

“Accurate publishing metadata is essential to ensure that you get paid as a songwriter,” says product manager Tyler White, who’s interviewed in the post.

“Metadata is also critical to getting credit for your work and being recognised for it across the industry. We know that for songwriters, your credits are like your business card; it’s your next opportunity. It’s your chance to get your big break. Maybe someone like Kanye or Adele likes a song that you are part of and decides to hit you up and bring you on to the next project because they’re looking for new talent.”

The post, which offers three key actions for songwriters to take to correct their Spotify metadata, comes as Spotify rolls out its songwriter credits from its desktop app to mobile, giving them more prominence.

Stuart Dredge

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