Spotify launches vodka-backed podcast series Ebb & Flow


Spotify’s push into podcasts continues with the launch of Ebb & Flow, a ‘branded original’ podcast focusing on hip-hop and R&B.

Hosted by DJ Jasmine Solano, it promises to focus on “the hustlers, dreamers and doers in the hip-hop and RnB world, and how their music and careers were made”.

What’s interesting too is the branded element: Ebb & Flow is a partnership with alcohol brand New Amsterdam Vodka, to the point of it being described as a “pourcast” (ouch!) in the on-service blurb. There will also be vodka-based recipes at the end of each episode according to AdWeek.

It’s the first branded podcast for New Amsterdam Vodka. “We chose to do a branded podcast less because of the format and more because of the opportunity with Spotify,” said its director of marketing Michael Sachs.

“We’ve been monitoring the podcast space for quite some time given the significant growth in listenership among our target consumer and opportunity for deeper brand/message integration.”

Solano is already an ‘ambassador’ for the brand. “A lot of artists and entrepreneurs need partnerships, especially for creative ideas that need funding and backing,” she told Spotify in a promotional blog post. “New Amsterdam Vodka has been one of those brands identifying projects and people that are pushing the culture forward.”

Stuart Dredge

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