Players spent $8.2bn on digital games in July 2018 alone


According to the IFPI, for the whole of 2017, global digital-music spending (streaming and downloads combined) totalled $9.4bn.

Without wishing to make you depressed on a Friday morning, here’s a figure to compare that to: in the single month of July 2018, players spent $8.2bn on digital games globally.

That’s according to research firm SuperData anyway, which notes that the monthly spend on digital games is up 3% year-on-year.

“Growth came mainly from console once again due to Fortnite and rising full game download rates,” noted the company, although it also explained that Fortnite – the current gaming craze – only saw its revenues rise by 2% month-on-month.

“Fortnite’s peak may be behind us,” suggested the company, although the nature of free-to-play games like this is that their publishers can at any point kickstart growth again with a clever event or promotion.

Stuart Dredge

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