BTS break YouTube’s 24-hour debut record with 45m views


Ahead of their US tour, which has already seen tickets selling out in a jiffy, K-Pop stars BTS have just broken a notable YouTube record.

The band’s ‘Idol’ music video was viewed more than 45m times in its first 24 hours, breaking YouTube’s ‘biggest music video debut’ record – which was held by the 43.2m views of Taylor Swift’s video for ‘Look What You Made Me Do’.

Uploaded on Friday, the ‘Idol’ video now has nearly 90m views at the time of writing, and a whopping 1.3m comments from fans.

Those fans took a very active role in pushing the video past Swift’s record too: for example, the top comment underneath the video when we looked this morning was from a prominent fan called ‘Jungcookie’ warning (on Friday, when the record was still up for grabs) that “We’re slowing down guys. Please keep streaming. Use multiple devices and keep sharing to others”.

That’s a little warning signal – not that YouTube needs it – of the fact that dedicated fan armies will do their utmost to ensure an artist reaches a particular milestone, and that sometimes (‘multiple devices’) these tactics could be seen as somewhat undermining the metrics.

Then again, this is just the 2018 equivalent to fans buying multiple copies of CD singles back in the day to push their favourite artists up the charts. As long as the artist and their label isn’t coordinating or encouraging it, it’s not flouting any rules.

Stuart Dredge

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