Research firm Nielsen’s latest report is Descubrimiento Digital: The Online Lives of Latinx Consumers. It explores how US Hispanic people are using various online services, including for music.

“US Hispanics over-index for listening to online music services and to various formats of radio, as well as for downloading music,” notes the report.

56% have listened to an online music service in the last 30 days – over-indexing by 38% compared to non-Hispanics – while 32% have downloaded or purchased music, and 30% have listened to internet radio, according to the report, which goes in to more detail on this demographic’s habits.

“US Hispanics spend about 32 hours each week with music. Breaking that down by format, 15% of listening is terrestrial radio, 4% is satellite radio, 14% is digital music library, and 46% is some type of streaming,” it explains.

“Another 10% of listening is via physical copies, while 12% is from miscellaneous other sources such as TV music channels.” The report also portrays US Hispanic people as early tech adopters: 21% have a smart speaker in their household, compared to 19% for the overall US population, for example.

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