Videos are top digital-music consumption format in India


While MusicWatch is focusing on the US, Nielsen’s latest report turns its attention to India – a country where it claims 94% of the online population listens to music, based on its latest survey.

The India Music 360 report’s findings also include 20 hours of average listening a week – either as a primary activity or in the background while doing other things. The biggest individual category of online-music consumption in India is actually streaming music videos, accounting for 21.6% of the average fan’s online music time. That’s undoubtedly the result of YouTube’s popularity and growth in India, which we’ve reported on before when covering the booming subscriber numbers for film-music giant T-Series’ channel.

Per Nielsen, 16.9% of the average consumer’s weekly online-music time comes from audio-streaming services; 16.3% from listening to their own collection of digital music; 14.8% from watching music channels on TV; and 10.8% from listening to the radio. There’s a comparison to the US, where the gap in the percentage of online consumption accounted for by video streams – 21.6% in India and 13% in the US – stands out most. Also interesting: 77% of respondents use social-media platforms to consume music, with (pre-rebrand) the most popular, ahead of Facebook and Instagram.

Written by: Stuart Dredge