Gotickety blends mobile gaming with ticket and merch giveaways


It’s tempting to roll your eyes at a startup pitching itself as ‘Candy Crush for the Music Industry’. What, an app that 20 minutes in suddenly makes it a thousand times more difficult to listen unless you spend money on power-ups?

Hopefully London-based startup Gotickety will be better than that though. “Gotickety allows music fans the chance to win tickets, merchandise and meet & greets with their favourite music artists through playing a fun and addictive Candy Crush style game,” is its pitch on investor site AngelList. “For artists, it is a new and incredibly innovative way to directly market to, engage and capture insightful data on their fans.” Its website fleshes this out, suggesting that the game will be a route to casual fans rather than superfans, with a launch planned for iOS and Android this winter.

We haven’t seen the game in action, but the big challenge will be that the best freemium mobile games have enormous amounts of money spent on both their development and their marketing: there’s a real (and expensive) science to cracking the code of modern mobile gaming, and many developers thinking that it’s simple to whip up a Candy Crush Saga-style game have been sorely disappointed in the past. We’re keen to see what Gotickety comes up with, so this is more a warning: that the lure of artist freebies won’t be enough on its own if the game isn’t a.) excellent and b.) marketed well.

Written by: Stuart Dredge