Analytics startup Asaii to shut down on 14 October


It’s been a rapid rise to prominence for analytics startup Asaii: we wrote about the company in our Sandbox report in July 2017; it pitched at our NY:LON Connect conference in January 2018 and was then a MidemLab finalists in June. And now? Now Asaii is shutting down. “Asaii will be shutting down operations on October 14, 2018. As of that date, you will no longer have access to our API endpoints, the website, or features such as Asaii Terminal, Recommend, Artist Analytics, and others,” explained an email to customers. “We’ve loved watching the artists you’ve signed, marketing campaigns you’ve launched, and love of bringing data into this industry you’ve shown over the past two years.”

The company did not say why it is shutting down, although with no prior rumours of funding issues, an acquisition is often the cause of such an abrupt announcement. We think that Asaii’s talent-spotting algorithms would be a good match for a streaming service looking to identify emerging artists as early as possible, in order to pick them for promotion or even direct licensing deals. With Spotify already on this path, Apple seems the likeliest suitor for Asaii. Watch this space: for now, nobody is commenting.

Stuart Dredge

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