US startup Amper Music is one of the companies exploring artificial-intelligence music composition, and like its British peer Jukedeck, it has an online tool that people can use to choose settings and then get a piece of music pumped out by its AI – for example to use in games or online-video soundtracks.

We say it ‘has’ an online tool for this: it won’t for much longer. “We wanted to let you know that support for our beta AI music composer will be discontinued on October 25,” explained an email to registered users this week. “Please download any tracks you wish to keep before then. After the 25th, you will no longer be able to access your account or projects. Going forward, we will be focusing on our enterprise products.” Music Ally contacted Amper Music for more details, but the company isn’t ready to talk about its new direction just yet.

We last interviewed CEO Drew Silverstein in April, following his company’s latest funding round, of $4m. He talked about the opportunities around Amper’s API – both in terms of being embedded into software and devices (“The game? The teaching app? We’re not going to build all of those, but we absolutely have the desire for others to do so”) and embedded into social-media platforms where content is being created by users (from YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook to podcast-creation tools). “The day when Facebook and YouTube and Snapchat, when Amper’s in all of them, will be a great day for very obvious reasons,” said Silverstein. “But they are not all the platforms. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of content-distribution platforms of significance, that either see or likely would see Amper as a really valuable thing to help them.” We can’t help wondering if a partnership with one of the big players (or even an acquisition?) is behind this week’s news. Watch this space.

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