Google, Yandex and have ‘discussed’ anti-piracy database


Reports of Google and Russian technology companies sitting down to discuss a database of copyright-infringing content is guaranteed to make the western music industry’s ears prick up.

TorrentFreak has the details of meetings between Google, Yandex and as well as Russian telecoms watchdog Roskomnadzor among other interested parties. “The topic of discussion was the creation of a special database holding the details of known infringing copies of content including movies, games, software and other pirated content,” claims its report. “The proposals envision that once details of content are placed in the database, search engines and video hosting sites that sign up to a memorandum of understanding with rightsholders will automatically query the database every five minutes for updates. Once the details are fed back, search companies will remove links to pirate resources from their search results within six hours, without any need for a court process.”

With talk of ‘take down, stay down’ policies still a source of tension in the west, the launch of any such system in Russia would be watched closely – if music (not mentioned in the report) is included.

Stuart Dredge

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