Spotify and Deezer lobby for EU ‘platform-to-business’ law


The new European copyright directive has a few steps to go before becoming law yet, but there’s another piece of in-progress European legislation to keep an eye on. It’s called the ‘platform-to-business’ law (P2B for short) and will focus on fair treatment for European businesses that operate on large internet / technology platforms. Such as those run by Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon.

A group of businesses (including Spotify and Deezer) and industry bodies have made their latest contribution as European politicians develop their position on the issue, with a joint letter seen by Reuters. “Targeted measures to prevent unfair practices by platforms are needed if the legislation is to promote sustained digital growth,” claimed the letter, which was sent to EU ministers of competitiveness who will meet this week in Brussels. “Instead of being gateways that facilitate access, these platforms use their privileged position to become gatekeepers to the digital economy.”

For Spotify and Deezer, this is about ensuring that they get fair treatment on app stores as well as smart speakers. As with the copyright directive, the P2B law will only truly come in to focus after the three key pillars of the EU – its member governments, the European Commission and the European Parliament – decide their separate positions, then come together to craft the final legislation.

Stuart Dredge

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