Amazon Alexa Accelerator adds two music-related startups


Alexa Accelerator is Amazon’s investment fund for startups working with voice technology and smart speakers. Its latest three investments include two companies related to our industry: Bamboo Learning and Endel.

Bamboo Learning is an educational tech startup making Alexa skills to teach people. It currently has two products: Bamboo Math and Bamboo Music. The latter is described as a way to “learn music theory with your Alexa device, whether you are taking music lessons, or just want to learn more about music”.

Meanwhile, Endel is already familiar to Music Ally, having been one of the Techstars Music accelerator’s cohort earlier this year – Techstars runs the Alexa Accelerator also. Its iOS app “creates personalised sound environments to help you focus and relax” (or focus, walk/run and sleep, according to preference). It’s not a leap of journalistic nous to assume that the investment from Amazon points to Endel taking its service from iOS app to Alexa skill in the coming months.

“Each is a prime example of a business that’s leading with voice and we’re thrilled to support them as they leverage new Alexa capabilities and features,” wrote Amazon’s Paul Bernard in a blog post.

The startups – together with another new investment, healthcare assistant Aiva (not the AI-music startup of the same name) will take a financial investment from Amazon’s Alexa Fund, as well as mentorship and resources from its Alexa team.

Stuart Dredge

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